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The Pet Behaviour Centre aims to offer help and support for a range of requirements whether you are a pet owner, veterinarian or another animal professional. Please call us to discuss

Home Visits

We will spent up to three hours at your home and surrounding area assessing the problem and creating a programme for you. Remote follow-up support and additional packages are available. Package fees start at £407 and personal quotes can be provided on request.

Online Consultation.

Sometimes clients live in remote areas or prefer to work online. This option has allowed consulting to continue during lockdowns and it has proved to be very useful. Packages start at £287.


CPD Talks

Veterinary staff or other animal professionals may find behaviour talks a useful addition to their CPD training. Call to discuss your requirements.

Products For Sale

We stock a small range of books, booklets and training aids at competitive prices. 

Foster Carer's Assessments

Professional assessment of pets within homes being checked for suitablity for foster care placements for children.


Public Talks

Talks for public events and veterinary clinic clientele can be arranged. 

Puppy Advisory Sessions

Puppy owners often require guidance before their pets are old enough to attend training classes. These sessions aim to provide owners with confidence to begin training, how to deal with early problems and what to expect from their new pet.

Face to face sessions are typically limited to the Rugby/Warwick/Leamington areas but may be possible in other areas. 

Remote sessions are available internationally. 


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