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Previous Client of The Month (page in development)

We appreciate how much time and effort our clients invest into the care of their animals and would like to share with you some of the cases that have been most poignant. These are not 'perfect' cases, just ones that touched us, where the owner went the extra mile or the challenge was great. We have enjoyed working with every one of our dedicated clients.



"Dear claire, I wanted to contact you to tell you how well things are going my end. Lunar has improved in leaps and bounds. I am so pleased my hard work is showing dramatic rewards. We have only had very mild shows of any agression and not as intense at all. If i say "hey" she goes and sits in her crate of her own accord.  I've been training lunar to do some new tricks and because of this we've been asked to  participate in some advertising.  They have been to do a photo shoot and lunar loved being the centre of attention.  They are calling her lunar supermodel. Needless to say she is now a little diva. Many thanks as you gave me the confidence to carry on with all this. It was simply your comment "not to feel a failure" and I'll always be grateful. To think i almost put Lunar to sleep.  Best wishes and many thanks, kay and lunar."
“We decided to seek help for our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel after he had started showing signs of what we thought was aggressive behaviour but which we now know is that he was anxious and worried.  He started charging at other dogs as they were walking away and when this progressed to people, we knew we needed help.  His routine had changed as we were having an extension done with lots of builders around plus we were expecting a new baby.  We spoke to our vets and they recommended the Pet Behaviour Centre."  


More to come....

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