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Recommended Products

I am often asked about products that I use or recommend. Instead of holding lots of stock I am including links to some of these below to make it easier to find them.

Dog Training


I'm often asked what treats I'm using. These sushi treats break easily and I'm yet to find a dog that doesn't enjoy them.


These LIckimats are a great way to entertain your dog, to promote calmer behaviour by engaging them in licking. This can be part of daily routines or used for something specific such as grooming, departure training, decompressing after stressful walks etc. 


The classic Kong. This is the large version of this favourite toy. 


Another favourite- the Large Kong Quest bone. Fill this with food or treats and occupy your dog for longer.

41GZVTLXBPL._SR300,300_ (1).jpg

Many stressed dogs find some benefit from this product. However, it is always best to get advice about your specific case as these certainly won't help all cases. 

Cat Training

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