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This is a long-established pet behaviour referral service. We help dogs, cats and small animals with behavioural problems across the Midlands and surrounding areas including Leicester and Warwickshire.  

If you feel that your pet's behaviour is dangerous, concerning, unruly, aggressive, anxious, phobic or just plain unsociable, we can help.


Claire Arrowsmith, the principal consultant, is a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist so you can feel confident in the service provided. 


We are accredited, insured and professional, offering up-to-date advice for your pet's problems. Our methods to improve your case are kind, fair and won't cause pain, fear or further distress to your pet.


You can have confidence in our advice as we have proven academic and practical experience of working with problem pets. My accreditation means that often pet insurance will cover my consultation fees.



Some common problems:

  • fearful or worried pets

  • destructive pets

  • house soiling issues

  • noisy pets

  • uncontrollable pets

  • possessive issues

  • travel problems

  • biting and fighting pets

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