The Pet Behaviour Centre

 is a long-established referral service for the treatment of behavioural 
problems in dogs and cats and other small animals across the Midlands 
and surrounding areas.


We can help you solve a wide range of pet problems including;


aggression in dogs

aggression in cats

fear and anxiety problems when alone/ separation anxiety

noise phobias and fears

destructive behaviour


scratching furniture

inappropriate toileting or housetraining

urine spraying

self mutilation

training problems

among many other behaviour issues.
 If you recognise any of these descriptions then help is available via
The Pet
Behaviour Centre team.

0845 872 2251



Is your dog or cat behaving in a way that is...





unusual or



We can help in a way that is kind, fair and won't cause pain, fear or further distress to your pet. 





Not sure if we can help? 

Discuss your concerns about your pet with your vet first as they will help you to determine whether a behavioural consultation is appropriate for your pet. You can call us to discuss any queries regarding our services. We are qualified and have a great deal of experience working with behaviour problems but it is vital that your vet is consulted first.








Vet Referral

If your vet agrees that our help is needed, we offer both home visits and clinic consultations to suit your needs. (Please see our clinic list to see the full area covered by us. If in doubt please call or email us.)

In order to maintain a fully professional service that maximises the benefit to you and your pet we work on veterinary referral only; don't worry this is very simple and we can help.


As members of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors we have a proven academic and practical training in pet behaviour counselling, meaning that you can feel confident that we will do the very best for you and your pet.  


In addition, we are members of the Pet Professional Guild which means that your pet's problems will be addressed via appropriate, non-violent methods that have been proven to be effective in the treatment of behavioural problems. Although this membership is not gained via any specific qualifications, our personal aim as members is to give you added confidence in the types of technique that you can expect from us.

Positive methods can be used on ALL levels of problem despite the claims of some punishment-focused practitioners. Our aim is to improve your relationship with your pet wherever possible and so do so whilst keeping you and your pet safe at all times.




Contact us today: Tel: 0845 872 2251(local rate)
  Mob: 07410 545044  
 E-mail: Fax: 0845 299 1559

The Pet Behaviour Centre

PO Box 223 Droitwich